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Email Marketing Works

These days a lot of clients ask me if email marketing still works.

In a GDPR era where privacy of users data is sacrilegious, it is important that you use 'opt-in' lists to communicate with prospects and clients. If you decide to tap in to third party databases, it is all the more important to verify the source and user permissions before you send out any campaign.

According to a recent survey from the Content Marketing Institute in US, 83% of B2B marketers are still using the traditional email marketing approach via e-Newsletters to reach their target audience. This clearly illustrates that email marketing works as long as it is done right.

Some of the factors that can help you achieve success are:

1. Personalisation
Personalisation increases response rates and boosts engagement.

2. Attention Grabbing Subject Line
Write a catchy, contemporary and relevant subject line.

3. Precise Copy
Write targeted, brief and enticing body copy.

4. Value Proposition
The value proposition should highlight why customers should act, now.

5. Build Hyperlinks
Imbed hyperlinks to additional resources and URL of destination site.

6. 'Responsive Structure'
Ensure that your campaign automatically adjusts to popular mobile devices.

7. Timing is Important
Send the campaign at the right date and time when it is most likely to be viewed.

8. Call for Action
State clearly how customers can reach out to you.

9. Social Media Links
Provide options for customers to check you out on Social media.

10. Opt-out Information
Customers should have the option to unsubscribe from your list.

If all these steps are followed you are guaranteed better response and engagement rates.

Sharad Agarwal
CEO, Cyber Gear

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